Our Story

Sculptural woolen pillows designed and handcrafted by Amanda Weiss, maker of the original mountain pillow.

 "We create distinctive cushions for the home + modern heirlooms for the little one.  Our work is inspired by nature and enjoyed most by those who wish to bring the outdoors in. We are able to capture both a sweetness and sophistication with our minimal designs and quality materials. Every piece is one-of-a-kind, as it is cut and assembled by hand with materials found locally.  Each will find a special place in the home to become functional piece of art."

Three Bad Seeds was founded in 2009 by Amanda Weiss with the help of her husband Joshua and Marley, their daughter. Marley became interested in creating her own animals and the family began small projects based on original drawings created by each family member.
While living in South Carolina, Amanda took advantage of the opportunity to work with wool sweaters cast off to the thrift store dollar rack. She developed a knack for designing pillows using natural fibers, honed her sewing skills and created a small collection to display at local markets.

The Weiss' currently reside in the Pacific Northwest. Amanda is able to handpick THE most amazing wool fabrics from a nearby Pendleton Woolen Mill to incorporate quality, American made woolens into her work. The family spends their free time exploring the wonders of the western US.

See more about Amanda's work + life on Instagram @threebadseeds