custom animal pillow

$95.00 Coming Soon

A custom piece made from your photos or ideas.
Arrangements will be made via email.
Costs may change according to detail of project.

Please contact us with your ideas before ordering.

Custom Dogs -
It is best for photos to be taken at dog level for a straight-on view (rather than looking down at dog):
1) full view from side, dog standing, taken at a fair distance (for body shape, tail position, prominent markings, etc)
2) front view of face and chest, taken at a closer distance (ears, nose, eyes, chest markings, etc)
3) if you can, try to combine a standing body profile with head turned facing camera

A collection of photos (profile or hashtag) on Instagram would be awesome for me to reference. Sorry, I don't do Facebook.

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Made of heirloom quality woven wool - which is durable, yet delicate.

Designed and handcrafted by Amanda Weiss. Each piece is machine sewn + many feature hand-embroidered accents. Fill: polyester fiber.

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